We know that providing Barrie Manor residents with stimulating activities is an extremely important part of improving quality of life, overall health and well-being. Our Activities Manager makes it her mission to know all our residents personally so that she can prepare activities and outings designed with our residents wants, needs and desires in mind.

Four or more organized activities happen most days to keep our residents active, entertained and engaged. A variety of fun and stimulating brain games, speakers, and learning opportunities help to maximize our residentsí memory retention and intellectual well-being. Fitness programs emphasizing strength and balance are combined with active games to maintain physical and mental health.

The Mental Health Peer Group is an innovative program promoting emotional health. Residents enjoy visits from our neighbourhood public school children two or three times a month, as well as performances from local dance schools and cultural associations. Pet therapy is always a hit. We excel at social activities, including live music, sing-a-longs, birthday parties, games, cards, crafts, baking and gardening. Special outings to interesting local attractions and events are also offered as well as All-faith chapel services that take place weekly in our Reflection room. All the activities and events combined help build our residentsí sense of well-being, while promoting a strong and inclusive community. We encourage our residentsí families to check the Activity Calendar regularly and schedule their visits to coincide with our events. It makes for a happier visit every time.

Current Calendar

The Social Calendar is distributed each month. A copy is available from our front desk and posted throughout the building.

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