Rose Cheeseman

Office Manager


Rose has worked as an RPN for 42 years, in an array of fields. Emergency, OB, EENT and Neurosurgery, Psych, Complex Care and Rehab. The last 20 years of her career she worked in Community Care and spent six years as a Visiting Nurse, specializing in wound care. She then took a position as the Supportive Care Supervisor, with the same company.

After working for 42 years as an RPN, Rose chose to take her retirement, however, after experiencing extreme boredom as a retiree, Rose decided to return to work, in a similar field but in a different capacity. Barrie Manor brought Rose in as the Office Manger in early 2022 to handle the Payroll, HR duties and accounts payables. Although her day-to-day duties are totally different from nursing, her knowledge, skills and her previous experience are a huge benefit to the Barrie Manor community and we are blessed to have her as part of our Leadership Team!

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