Nima McElhinney


Nima was born in a small Nepal village near Mt. Everest. She spent her early childhood with her paternal grandparents on a farm nestled between spectacular mountain ranges. The village was a small community where honesty, harmony and loyalty were central. There were no roads or electricity. Organic food was normal and not a “new-age” solution. Strangers were to be welcomed, not afraid of.

When she was just six years old, her beloved grandmother became ill and Nima had to attend to her every need for the next few years. Caring for the elderly was part of the cycle of life in her community, or also known as “Karma” and this is when Nima knew she had found her life’s purpose.

Nima moved to the capital city of Kathmandu when she was 16 and met her forever partner. At 22 she married and moved to Scotland for five years until immigrating to Canada in 1989 with her husband and two daughters.

A culmination of her life’s experience, charity work and raising her children led her to the path of assisting and aiding vulnerable people. To ensure that the most vulnerable elderly members of society were cared for, Nima purchased a Domiciliary Hostel in Jackson Point which he managed for 5 years.

She knew the fifty-five residents by name and regarded them as her friends. She has always had deep empathy and compassion for the elderly. She strongly believes that it is society’s duty to treat people with compassion and empathy.

Nima has also been involved with many Charity organizations over the years for women and children’s education in Nepal and around the world.

Realizing the need for enhanced care for the elderly was on the rise, Nima purchased Barrie Manor In 2015. With many renovations and upgrades over the three years, Barrie Manor has become a beautiful, quaint home, offering levels of care from independent assisted living to mechanical lifts and transitional beds. She is proud of her new community but most proud of the fact that Barrie Manor is offering a unique service to the elderly which means less stress for the families. Now everyone can “Live Beautifully.”

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